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I typically write to defend God’s reputation. God may be different than portrayed in religious circles. Don’t allow others’ views of God be the reason to not pursue more of a relationship with God. By defending God all I am saying is that God may be more relevant in your life than you think. 

God became more relevant when God became more the loving God I imagined.

Talking about Jesus’ crucifixion in terms of appeasing a blood, thirsty God doesn’t make sense morally or relationally. What Jesus did was obviously a tremendous sacrifice, but Jesus was nailed to the Cross because He believed His message was worth dying more. Jesus sought moral credibility for His claims about God as opposed to the views of the religites.

God doesn’t reject people because of their sexual orientation.

You simply cannot tell others you love them but not who they are. That is only rejection! Many cannot remember a day they didn’t want to be in a committed relationship with one of the same gender, yet they are condemned by religions folks in the name of God who don’t keep their own partnership vows. Would gay people really choose a lifestyle of scorn if they could choose otherwise?

God doesn’t reject people because they aren’t a Christian.

The truth is one is likely to be Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, or Jewish because of where or the family they are born into. God came in the flesh one time in history to convey God’s love for all people. It is the message of who God is and what God’s guidance for relationships that is important. We don’t have to convert others to our religion but discuss God’s relevancy in our lives.

God believes all people are equal.

I don’t wish for my daughters to think God wants them under the authority of any man. This encourages dominance on the man’s part and dependence on the woman’s part. I do think putting ourselves under the authority of our Creator is worth considering. If a woman has a desire to represent God through the priesthood or pastorate, God is honored. How can we expect God to be relevant if proscribed gender roles smack of inequality?

God doesn’t reject others because of beliefs due to circumstances.

God doesn’t judge those who have been abuse by their father and struggle to accept a God betrayed as our Father in Heaven. God doesn’t judge those who can’t get their head around why a loving God doesn’t intervene more with so much evil in the world. Our loved ones often didn’t have a relationship with God because of erroneous views of who God is, not because they reject God’s ways. A loving God can’t all of a sudden stop loving one at the moment of one’s last breath. God provides second changes after death for those who meet and see what their Creator is really like.

Do you have any beliefs about God that make God less relevant or appealing to have a relationship with?

Have you ever hesitated to discuss spirituality with others when appropriate because of who you think God must be portrayed as? We don’t have to necessarily accept what others proclaim about God. Consider possible erroneous views of God that hinder such a pursuing a deeper connection with your Creator.


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