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Many God-followers may think that I have abandoned my faith by discussing if Jesus is a created legend in the minds of the writers. I really don’t mind offending those who already believe in God. I prefer to have an open conversation with those who have heard things about God or Jesus that are hardly inspirational and give reason to not pursue spirituality.

Many are convinced the historical Jesus is real and the claims Jesus made are not lies. I can assure you reasons for acceptance are not because of moral superiority. Many morally outshine those of us focused on being more spiritual. It is challenging though to accept Jesus was just a great moral teacher if claims about Himself are lies, but I will discuss teachings espoused by Jesus regardless of one’s beliefs. I am convinced such teachings are important for a better world.

I must admit I am convinced the information we have about Jesus in the Gospels are historical than fictional.

Many defend the Gospels were written within 20-40 years of Jesus’ life. Most biblical scholars accept the Gospels were written within at least 40-60 years when Jesus lived. Legends do not develop within such a short time, as eyewitnesses can dispute claims made. Historical research can only suggest probabilities not certainties, but the Bible’s historical reliability far surpasses any other ancient literatures. See Gregory Boyd & Paul Eddy, Lord Or Legend, for further discussion.

But, many are not convinced or interested in historical reliability discussions. 

Besides, faith based on past information must always involve inclinations of the heart. One may have an inkling that a loving Supreme Being exists but struggle with what some claim to be true of such a God. Some interpret the Bible as portraying God as being angry, egotistical, and demanding obedience or else. I am convinced the Bible teaches that God only hates behaviors that harm us and others, God cares a lot more about our happiness than their ego, and that God gave freedom because they are well aware that demanding obedience doesn’t lead to real relationships or changes.

Don’t use possible wrong interpretations as an excuse to not pursue a relationship with God. 

We may not believe all the things suggested about Jesus according to some’s interpretations of the Bible. Ask God to help you understand what God is truly like and how you can have a relationship. Any loving parent would salivate if a grown child made such a request. Why wouldn’t God? Consider what aspects about God you believe are true according to your understanding of what Jesus proclaims, that might inspire you in your desires to live a more loving life toward others. I can think of no greater legacy.



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