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When one says “there is a reason for everything,” we can create a lot of anger and confusion toward God. God isn’t the reason for everything that happens. The majority of suffering results from the freedom to be kind or cruel and lawless toward others. To suggest God controls everything suggests God is responsible for all of suffering in the world. God did not create or desire suffering for some supposed “greater purpose.”

Evil is located in the free will of creatures and not in the mysterious purposes of God.

God’s love cannot always control because of freedom, thus God cannot guarantee we will never experience suffering at the hands of others. We often assume God has a reason for everything, but there are no good reasons for evil. There is no elaborate plan for evil by God others than having created freedom with the constraints that puts on God. If God could have created freedom without allowing the possibility of evil, God would have exercised such control. Freedom, not suffering, was only necessary in God’s eyes.

If we believe God controls everything, we end up blaming ourselves or God.

We assume if only we had enough faith or lived a better life, we wouldn’t be in this predicament because God surely doesn’t want us to suffer. We may accept that God created freedom for the hope of authentic relationships, but we then assume God isn’t intervening for some reason. Thinking God is behind all suffering, we may wonder if God is punishing us for having done something wrong in our life. Or, we go searching for the lesson that God is supposedly trying to teach us, but God leaves us clueless what the lesson is. Does that sound like a loving God?

Two men living together leave drunk from a bar and drive home separately. They both blow the same BAC. One man kills a family in an automobile accident and the other man makes it home without causing an accident. Both men are guilty for endangering the lives of others, but why were some killed and not others? We can’t know all the factors involved such as why different routes were taken by each man and why others left their house when they did putting them at the wrong place at the exact time of the accident. Is this really something God wanted or planned or is this something that happened as a result of freedom?

Insisting God is in control is neither logical if freedom truly exists nor our experience.

If God controlled everything there would be no need to protect ourselves or there is nothing we really can do to change our circumstances. I am convinced it is best to not assume God’s causes or has any good reason for many sufferings in our life, but that God will support us in such times and work to bring good from tragedy if we have such desires. Do you want to think God caused your sickness for a reason or that God doesn’t want you sick? Don’t blame God or yourself.

Divine love limits divine power.

God can’t force true love in relationships; true love can’t always be controlling. God surely prevents all the evil possible without compromising one’s freedom. We cannot know the balance necessary by God for every human being to not make their gift of freedom a farce. We do know that God never wants us to suffer undeservingly and God always wants to answer prayer, but God has constraints because of freedom. God will always work to bring good from our suffering if we seek God’s support and comfort. God can’t always intervene but God can fulfill a promise of providing life after death where suffering will be defeated.


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