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Are we really doing God a service by insisting that an invisible God is real? I don’t think we should be too hard on ourselves for good intentions in our past, but it is never to late to consider how we interact with others going forward. I use to be so sure that every word of the Bible was inspired by God. I was sure that the Genesis account was literal as opposed to maybe being a different literary genre intended by the writer. I was sure God is provable which leads to thinking if you don’t believe there is a God, you are being rebellious and denying the obvious.

I still believe that God is real but the truth is that no one can prove an invisible Being is real. On the same hand atheists that are hostile to God-believers because God can’t be proven scientifically are just as guilty in demanding certainty. Science is only meant to prove beyond question those things which are observable. Many beliefs in life require faith. It is reasonable and plausible that millions have hope that a loving God truly exists.

Why does all this matter – that we not insist on the unprovable?

People who believe in God often have loving motives when they discuss God in their relationships with others. But, to insist others accept our personal beliefs about God is not always the godliest action. Freedom has been God’s mantra from the very beginning. God has chosen to not insist on their ways or surely there would be no evil in the world. Insisting others believe as we do or else is denying others the freedom to form their own personal beliefs. This is not the example God sets for our relationships in loving others.

Some may argue that this leads down a slippery slope to believing whatever the hell we want. How can we say that murder is wrong? Immoral acts seem to me to be provable that they are harmful. If you lie, cheat, steal, murder, etc., you are clearly violating the rights of others. No one’s rights are violated by forming your own personal spiritual beliefs. The fear of God in the Bible was God’s opposition to immorality because of the harm to others; God’s fear was not related to believing in God or supposed truths from the Bible some insist to gain God’s acceptance. I want my kids to fear me as well if thinking of murdering or bullying others. But, fear isn’t my intended avenue for a relationship. Fear is to avoid personal destruction and the destruction of others, but it is my love that I seek to demonstrate for personal and worldly gain.

We must not impose God or any others supposed truths that we are convinced are necessary to be accepted by God.

Such beliefs can be offensive to God. It is suggested one gets into heaven based on a certain set of beliefs found in a Book (Bible). Such beliefs are dependent on interpretations which are fallible. Besides, the majority of people born into this world never had a Bible so to insist God determine one’s destiny on beliefs they could have had is offensive. A loving God isn’t going to judge one when they didn’t truly understand God or God was misrepresented by others. No Book or person was ever meant to replace one listening to God through a relationship.

Your beliefs may not work for others at this point in their life. If your beliefs are working for you great! If God is real, God surely can prove themselves to others at the appropriate time best for them. I don’t mind encouraging others about the hope of a loving God that I have when they have interest. I can honestly not think of a greater delusion to have. God exists or God doesn’t. God created or God didn’t. God can provide life after death to be reunited with our loved ones or God can’t. No one hopes for a tyrant God. The God I know encourages me to be perfect like God which is beneficial in my relationships. But, that is for each to decide.


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