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Good news for those with short attentions spans, as this may be my shortest Post ever. I have written how the Bible isn’t totally useless because a reader has to discern if a writer was letting their own views crept into a text when representing God. See here. It requires some faith that the Bible word for word and sentence for sentence is inspired by God since such a doctrine cannot be proven. We also cannot prove that God inspired others to know over time which Books only should be recognized as Scriptures. It is circular reasoning to use the Bible to prove itself. Besides, II Tim. 3:16 and similar passages are subject to various interpretations as to what Paul was implying when commenting all Scripture is God’s breathed.

Many teachings of the Bible are subject to interpretation, so discernment is necessary since interpretations aren’t infallible. Problems with the Bible could be remedied if we would consider one another’s opinion gracefully, so to work out our own convictions. I believe we can say the most likely interpretation is that which conveys God’s ways or morals as the same as perfect human morals. The Bible says be perfect like God (Mt. 5:48), but such statements are meaningless unless we can know what perfection is. God cannot be perfect if hypocritical by saying “do as I say, not what I do.” God is morally perfect humanly speaking. I am convinced God’s hand is involved in the Bible because so many have been positively inspired. Read with discernment as to what passages may be more the writer recording how they understand God at that moment. Jesus promised to leave us God’s spirit, not the Bible, to guide us (Jn. 14:16).

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