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I confess that I write about the same convictions about God over and over in different ways so others might discover misbeliefs that hinder being more spiritual-minded and pursuing a relationship with God. Our understandings of God determine our attitudes about God. I believe God’s character must convey true love for meaningful relationships. Use the search box on my website for further elaboration of the below views of God: 

  • God isn’t an angry, egomaniac. God is a lover who stands against immorality harmful to oneself and those around them
  • God isn’t a sexist. God created equal relationships and doesn’t appoints go-betweens between God and us such as husbands for wives or priests or pastors for parishioners
  • God isn’t a sadistic torturer. Who doesn’t know unending suffering serves no good! The traditional meaning of Hell is nowhere to be found in Bible
  • God isn’t a homophobe. The Bible speaks out against non-monogamous relationships which lead to lovers getting hurt
  • God isn’t a doomsayer. God is not coming down to destroy the world someday. The world will go on forever and all will die someday with the hope of Heaven
  • God isn’t a rejecter because you don’t accept others’ understandings of the Bible. God’s only sacred belief is the Law of Love
  • God isn’t a moral hypocrite. God’s love and perfect human love are one in the same. God’s ways are always moral humanly speaking. God’s love is the love we strive to show others
  • God isn’t a blood-thirsty child killer. Jesus didn’t die for God’s sake but to convince us of God’s incredible love in hopes we would let God empower us to reflect such love back to others. The Cross was not meant to change God’s attitude but our attitude toward God
  • God isn’t a religious extremist or terrorist. God doesn’t demand certain personal beliefs or be ostracized or beheaded. Religion is wrong if demanding to be served than serve
  • God isn’t a Controller but a Creator of freedom which accounts for so much evil and suffering in the world.

What other views of God may keep you from becoming more spiritually focused in your daily living. They may not be true!

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