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The problem of evil is a main reason people don’t believe in God. How we answer how suffering and God co-exist can determine if we believe in the midst of suffering that God truly exists. God obviously seldom controls evil which brings so much suffering, but we know freedom is necessary for authentic relationships. True love must be chosen not forced. One consideration may be that God’s love, like a parent’s, may actually be greater when uncontrolling. It may be the best hope for as many children as possible to eventually freely choose good that last.

Other reasons one may not pursue a relationship with God isn’t because of apathy but because of misunderstandings of what God is really like. 

God of course is opposed to lying or stealing, but this isn’t why many are uninspired to pursue spirituality in their life. God suggested two laws would make all other laws unnecessary. Love God which is reasonable if loving God is loving others, and love others like you want to be loved. Few argue the second law wouldn’t lead to better relationships in the world. You may even have to forgive one who truly regrets their behavior unless when guilty, you wouldn’t hope for the same.

But, God is said to oppose certain things that discourage some from pursuing a relationship with their Creator.

God never said not being a churchgoer is the same thing as being a devil worshipper. Just seek environments that encourage and challenge you to pursue being the person you deep down desire to be. There are no traditions you must follow to be accepted by God. God doesn’t reject us because of our friends, who we marry, or what career we pursue. God cares how you treat others because that is what you will care about on your deathbed.

God not only respects the right to choose your own personal beliefs in this life, but God does not torture people after death for such decisions.

God never said believe or burn in Hell. Who thinks God doesn’t know unending suffering is pointless as it doesn’t produce any good. No such place as Hell exists according to the Bible. Hell was invented over the centuries to scare people into obedience. Religious extremists and terrorists are enemies of God. True love, where authentic relationships can develop, cannot be forced. The God of the Bible doesn’t control or destroy free decisions as if that resulted in true love.

God and the Bible don’t condemn same sex monogamous relationships.

I am biased toward monogamy because I think souls get hurt otherwise. Jesus, who represented God on earth, never spoke about homosexuality and said when gone He would leave His Spirit to guide individual hearts. God and the Bible don’t undisputable advocate hierarchical as opposed to equalitarian relationship between the sexes, or biblical scholars who respect the Bible as God’s guidance would all agree. No one needs a man or priest as a go between with God.

God doesn’t demand you forgive those who betray you when they accuse you of lying about their actions. We can stop being victims by not letting bitterness control our lives, but for many it is nonsensical to forgive one for actions that they deny happened. Is God really angry all the time or is God’s anger another side of God’s true personality – love. God’s personality is no different than when a loving parent shows tough love in hopes that their child will choose to stop acting in harmful ways toward others and themselves.

What beliefs about God keep you from pursuing God or spirituality more purposefully in your life?

Consider making spiritual-mindedness, which is loving others as you want to be loved, a constant endeavor and know how to get back on track when discouraged. My view of God’s love for me does this for me. Identify any problems, such as certain views of God that may be erroneous, in making spirituality more of a focus in your life.

You may discover that God’s love is the love you always imagined and hoped would be true of a loving God.


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