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Many may not have the same spiritual beliefs as you do. I grew up going to church and the supposed “truth” was emphasized – Jesus is the Son of God, Jesus resurrected from the dead, the Bible is God’s inspired word, etc. I still believe many of the things I was taught but the only ones that have those same beliefs attend similar churches who teach similar beliefs. If you insist on certain religious beliefs being “the truth” then you can’t really have conversations without an agenda to convert others to the supposed truth.

It is suspect that a loving God insist on certain truths to have a relationship. What kind of God insists on certain information only found in the Bible when the majority of people who have been born never had written knowledge of such a God? One may ask though why God even bothered to send Jesus or support a book such as the Bible. God has always worked through human means available rather than overwhelm with power. How is it wrong for God to want to communicate to as many people as possible what God is really like through Jesus that can be freeing to those who read it but not condemning of those who don’t read it?

Jesus certainly didn’t act as if truth was more important than love. Jesus closest friends doubted Jesus’ resurrection and many things He claimed to be true. Jesus didn’t cast them off. How much easier is it to doubt events that happened 2000 years ago for which we have to trust history since we weren’t eye witnesses. Jesus had more issues with the religious of His day who insisted on certain truths to be accepted by God. Jesus confronted the most those whose actions were unloving to others and not those that were denying certain truths.

Most accept the historical records that speak of a man Jesus who was born some 2000 years ago. How do we imagine Jesus would respond to one today that questions much of typical biblical teaching but not necessarily the message of Jesus? Jesus focused on ways truly not in our best interests. The world often suggests importance is determined by one’s position. Jesus said the best leaders don’t think of themselves as more important. The world may say an eye for eye but lost childhood memories can’t be recovered. Jesus said forgive those who regret. Would Jesus really tell someone who aspired to love others that certain truths are more important? Jesus surely just wants us to see how loving others as ourselves is what leads to true freedom.

Jesus didn’t choose His disciples based on if they held to certain truths. Jesus just asked them to follow Him and see for themselves. You may not be convinced there is a God. You certainly may not believe what the writers claims about Jesus. But, are you convinced Jesus’ message of love is in your best interest which really is the same message as most of the great religious leaders of the past? If not, what do you believe is important to change the world and live a life with fewer regrets?

I am not saying truth is always in the eye of the beholder. You don’t think murder is wrong. Get a clue. You don’t think lying, stealing, or coveting is wrong. Good luck in relationships. I am saying certain truths are not more important than how we treat others. I am not denying that I believe God in the person of Jesus wanted us to know God desires a relationship with all to encourage and empower them to love. I also believe such a belief is personal and if a powerful God truly exists, they can handle their own relationships.

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