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Those who believe in the God of the Bible must explain how their God is any different than a God who supposedly demands certain beliefs or allegiance or be rejected or killed. The Bible is full of God’s anger and wars. God chose one nation to represent them so is God’s desire to unite all into one nation with one belief? One main difference seems to stand out from the extremists’ God when reflecting on stories of God’s actions in the Bible in a past culture. 

Only religious extremists, regardless of religion, don’t seem to understand what the God of the Bible understood. True love cannot be forced, not even by an all-powered God. Only in a free world can authentic relationships develop. No human or spiritual parent brings children into the world desiring their children not freely reciprocate their love as opposed to being forced. The God of the Bible doesn’t act as if controlling or destroying free, moral decisions results in true love. 

One may assume that God’s anger and declaration of wars were against those who worshipped their own gods and not the God of Israel. Why then would a God opposed to evil, who is powerful enough to create, allow so much evil in the world? The God of any extremist is neither patience or tolerant of rebellion. God’s declarations of war against other nations were not because of a refusal to worship God, but because people were involved in despicable immoral acts such as child sacrifice. If you lived next to an armed community where hundreds of children were being used as sex objects, would you advocate for aggressive interventions which may lead to loss of innocent lives but save the lives of current and future generations? 

A loving God would never deny one the freedom to choose their beliefs. We must intervene with family or whoever when we notice one’s beliefs leading to forcing their religious practices on others or blowing up innocent people. One hint terrorists are misguided is they don’t just blow themselves up to spread their gospel. Jesus felt His own suffering for something He believed is what changed lives for the better. Any religion based on control than service is not truly religious. Rational people sense it is wrong to murder or steal. Don’t you sense in your heart a loving God respects the freedom of beliefs if not violating the rights of others?

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