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Praying for miracles isn’t wrong but it isn’t always helpful. When people ask God for a miracle and no miracle happens, they often question if there something wrong with them or God. Praying only for miracles often leads to expectations that such requests should be answered because one has pure motives. One may begin to question if God really cares or even loves them. Let’s be honest. Prayers for miracles are mostly unanswered so is it worth even bothering.

I wish miracles weren’t possible sometimes. I have seen many come away confused and disheartened about their relationship with their Creator since miracles are rare. Besides, God can’t answer the prayers of two people asking for the same job. God heals one from suffering but their positive influence is lost in helping others suffering similarly that are not healed. Much of suffering is people freely choosing to inflict harm on others, so God would need to snuff a lot of people out of this world without allowing time for their hearts to change. Most parents refuse to give up on any child no matter how rebellious.

It is very hard to explain miracles in the context of God loving all equally. Why does God do miracles for some but not all? Because there seem to be miracles one might question whether God is really doing all God can to make life better for every human being living in a troubled world. Is God sometimes not a giver of good gifts? If God can intervene once, why doesn’t God intervene a lot more? Loving parents are always doing all in their power to make for a better world for their child. Honestly, sometimes I often wonder if we would be better off without miracles of healing and there were only miracles such as birth or transformed lives.

I am not trying to get God off the hook but one must admit miracles aren’t as great as they always seem. You may want to reread the Old Testament if you think amazing miracles lead to inspired living. Jesus’ miracles turned heads but Jesus’ suffering turned the hearts of billions of followers. People seem impacted more by how we handle suffering in our lives than miracles. Parents struggle not to interfere but deep down realize instant fixes doesn’t always lead to individual and moral growth. Miracles often lead to seeking only physical cures and not spiritual cures. A healed soul is far better than just a healed body.

I have done a lot of complaining. It helps to understand God constant interference makes a mockery of freedom or makes God seem arbitrary. When suffering I ask for relief but I ask God to stay close to me if a miracle is not possible or best all things considered. I ask how suffering can teach me to be more the person deep down I desire to be. We can pray for others but God is already doing all they can. Are we? Jesus’ prayed to avoid the Cross but Jesus also prayed for God to stay close to Him if a miracle was not possible. I am a better person in the long-run sometimes because my prayers are not answered.

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