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The Bible is a story about God. It is not a rule book to quote a chapter and verse. Besides, writings thousands of years ago in different cultures than ours are subject to different interpretations. Jesus would never advise a woman to turn the other cheek for an abusive husband. Develop a relationship with God and God will guide in your circumstances. Jesus didn’t promise to leave us with a Bible but His Spirit so we might be able to discern evil from good (Jn. 14:16).

The Ten Commandments were initiated as a guide for the nation of Israel. Moses received the Commandments from God in stone 🙂 written by the finger of God (Ex. 31:18). Let’s just say the guidance probably describes the heart of God well in terms of how God would advise a nation to live peacefully together. Can you imagine a family or nations using the Commandments as a guide in their relationships? I could handle being in those relationships.

God didn’t write the Ten Commandments so you can know when God loves you or not. A parent doesn’t require obedience before they love their child. God and parents love their child at birth. A parent knows fully well a list of do’s and don’ts is not the pathway to a friendship. Laws are really only necessary for lawbreakers who aren’t treating others like they want to be treated. Rules are a foundation to hopefully lead to the intimacy so badly desired.

The Ten Commandments were never meant to be all encompassing. If you want to have a great marriage where your partner always feels fully confident in your love for them, don’t commit adultery which is the seventh commandment. But, that is only the beginning of a great partnership. Lusting isn’t as horrible of a betrayal as adultery but it doesn’t honor your partner or others. The Ten Commandments are a starting point on a journey with God in how to love your wife like you want to be loved. We all fail. We simply keep our eyes on God to hopefully obtain a type of intimacy hard to put in words.

I wrote this Post mainly for parents and young adults. Some parents love to remind their child of the fifth commandment. Some parents pull out their Bible when their child isn’t doing what they are asking their child to do. You aren’t honoring me! It is a good idea for rebellious, law breaking teenagers to listen to a parent’s words. It can lead to a life of less regrets. But, I have a hunch God wasn’t talking about differences among parents and children when it comes to career decisions or who to marry. God wouldn’t expect children to obey parents who encourage immorality. Some things should be understood without saying them.

When I was growing up in the church, I often heard honoring meant doing what your parents wanted in terms of what school you might attend, what career path you might choose, who you should date or marry, etc. Some parents love to suggest any decisions that are contrary to their wisdom are immoral. A young person shouldn’t always listen to their parents. A parent might insist on a certain career path that makes a parent look good but is a poor use of the talents of a person. If a child’s heart is not into the path they choose, they may never fulfilled their God-given talents to best help make this a world a better place to live in.

Many parents who throw the Book at their child desire their child be spiritually-minded. But parents, if you believe in a Creator of the universe who guides shouldn’t you put your trust in God to direct young adults? Stop making your kids feel guilty by suggesting they are not honoring God. That is no way to have a lasting relationship. We can encourage our children to consider a relationship with God by the example we set. Read the Bible not as a rule book but as a story about what God is really like and ask God for wisdom in your circumstances.

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