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I was moving a suitcase out of the house and a neighbor asked me if I was going on a trip. Because I have been hanging with Jesus for a while and had a few things rub off on me, I knew not to say that actually it was stuff I had been keeping for a homeless person until they found a place to stay. If you will indulge me, I had to tell you that so I could write this to make a point – God has our backs. It is often best that we conceal our good deeds (Mt. 6:1-4).  

I wasn’t tempted to tell my neighbor whose stuff I was keeping other than a friend. God advises “lay low” for our good. I was helping a homeless person but how hard has it been to store stuff in my heated house while they live under a bridge. Sometimes, it is wise to provide shelter because it empowers and sometimes it isn’t because it enables. It is complicated. It is really embarrassing to be honest with how few I have helped with all I have been blessed with. God is just trying to spare me of puffing myself up more than I really am to avoid embarrassment.  

Pride for whatever reason can lead to some pretty crazy behaviors. Pharisees loved to brag about what great God-worshippers they were. They loved to brag how spiritual they were but they were the ones that killed Jesus. Whoops! What in God’s name did Jesus do all that wrong to be killed. People today claim to be someone they aren’t and we don’t crucify them. People who brag about rather than be discovered for helping others are the only one who can’t see how sickening it is. 

I don’t think we have to go totally underground with our good deeds. It feels good and inspires others to action when one acknowledges us or even mentions our generosity in front of others. But, it is just different coming from others. I think that is why God wants us to know how much God loves us. Sometimes, others will not acknowledge us but its going to be alright when we feel a high-five from the Creator of the Universe.  

Jesus always advised us with our best interest in mind. When our motives for good deeds are to be known it just gets all screwed up. We start being more concerned how we look and end up helping others less. It is great we help people but isn’t it usually the case we can do so much more unless you are Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa never bragged for some reason. God understands human nature and advises us to inspire to do good deeds without the acknowledgment of others.








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