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Most people accept according to recorded history that a man named Jesus lived some two thousand years ago. Our calendar strongly suggests such a man lived – B.C. (before Christ) and A.D. (after death). Jesus’ impact seems undeniable. Jesus was only in the spotlight for about three years of His life but has over a billion followers. What is disputed was if Jesus was who He claimed to be – the one prophesized in the Old Testament to come to represent God.

People claim all the time to be someone they aren’t. It is difficult to capture all the culture factors some two thousand years ago, but today if someone claims to be sent by God we simply assume they have some mental disorder. We certainly don’t beat and mock them and hang them on a Cross. Why was Jesus treated differently? Why did folks get their panties in a wad simply because Jesus claimed to represent God?

I don’t know for sure the answer to that question but I have some hunches. Jesus pissed off mainly the religious people. Jesus wasn’t killed by atheists or those who didn’t go to church. Religious leaders who prayed daily and went to church a lot begged Roman authorities to put this man in his place – the grave. One Roman leader was ready to simply ignore Jesus and label Him a lunatic. That is want we would do today but not the religious folks back then!

The religious leaders of that day had certain rituals and Jesus seem to tell others one doesn’t have to go through hoops to have a relationship with God. Of course the Pharisees supervised those hoops so their control over others was being challenged. I got a hunch that was part of their huffiness. What the Pharisees did ignore though was Jesus’ message and view of God. Take some time this Easter to reflect what was so special about this man named Jesus.

Jesus only told people to love God and love your neighbor as yourself. What parent doesn’t tell their kids to love, respect, or trust them if they have their best interest in mind. If I dared asked that from my children, and I am far from perfect, why can’t a perfect God ask for such love without being egotistical. Jesus’ view of God was obviously not like those in His day. Jesus said God was willing to forgive the worse of sinners. Jesus said it is never too late. That matters to some who think they have done too much for God to really love them. Jesus said you can go directly to God and don’t need others to supervise/mediate/be a go-between in the relationship.

Suppose Jesus was right about God? What do you need to hear from your Creator? Jesus probably said at one time or another God could deliver. Jesus knew God was like a perfect parent – always hoping, praying, willing to be by your side to help you be the kind of person you desire to be deep down. I bet you want to better love your neighbor as yourself, or you wouldn’t have read this far. We need help loving the unlovable because we act that way sometimes too. Some need to know God loves them no matter their past, current, and future failures. Some need to feel closer to God in times of suffering to somehow get through such times.

What do you want or need from God? Talk to God, ask others who seem to know God. If God is real , God won’t ignore you!

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