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Many cannot respect or desire a relationship with a Creator that plays by different moral rules than advised to those created. Many argue out of respect that God can do what they want because they are God. Many who believe the Bible is God’s inspired words written down may suggest God lives by a different standard because of their interpretations of Scriptures. I believe many interpretations are misguided; therefore, we can assume God’s morals are the same as perfect human morals. Most understand loving parents, include God, don’t say do as I say not as I do.

It is hard to believe a loving God would actual tortures people forever for beliefs they had while a short time on earth. God doesn’t! No such place as Hell exists according to the Bible. Jesus used the Greek word Gehenna, wrongly translated as Hell, to warn against self-centeredness. Parents warn children similarly of paths of destruction. Gehenna, a real valley never Jerusalem, had a history of slaughtered bodies. Jesus taught spiritual death is even worse than physical death (Gehenna). See here.  Jesus never taught people can be scared into true righteousness. Love and mercy from our Creator is necessary to do good and shun evil.

It is unthinkable for many to think God believes half the world (women) are to be under the authority of men in home or religious settings. Jesus never said any human needs a mediator between them and God. Men are already prone to dominate and need no such encouragement. God did not create a male-controlled relationship between Adam and Eve in the beginning. Nations thereafter chose to be patriarchal. Jesus encouraged equality between the sexes and mutual respect against culture norms. The Apostle Paul advised husbands to love their wives as their own bodies. Some religious extremists would rather be dead than advocate for that.

God is accused of being a lover of war. There are some difficult passages, but do we really think God desired war over peaceful alternatives. God is charged with approving ethnic cleansing but no enemy of Israel was every totally annihilated. God has respected freedom of beliefs from the very beginning; otherwise, God who is powerful enough to create would annihilate immediately those who oppose God by choosing evil. Wars often are unavoidable when other nations have no desire to live in peace but to impose their beliefs. Wars often lead to innocent people dying but do nations simply stand by while others prepare to attack or torture their own people.

God does not claim the right to play favorites but not humans. Israel was not favored over other nations like a parent may favor one child at the expense of other siblings. It isn’t favoritism when all benefit. God chose one nation to bless all nations through the life of Jesus. Some may be familiar with the suggestion that God foreordains or elects ahead of time those who will be allowed into heaven after death. It is immoral to most to suggest God chooses some over others regardless of their beliefs. God s grace does not have a quota!

The Creator referred to a relationship with those created as a Parent with their children. Communication simply breaks down when a parent doesn’t live by moral standards they encourage for others. How can we discern to follow God’s example unless God clarifies each action if appropriate for humans or not? It doesn’t make rational or relationship sense why God would not demand of themselves what actions they demand of us. God intended their words and their actions to convey how to live a life worth living.

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