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Religions by seeking converts are conveying one must be religious in order to be spiritual. Jesus was more concerned with the religious not being spiritual. Jesus’ biggest grip was with religious leaders who distorted who God is by insisting on certain beliefs. Jesus’ only sacred belief was that our Creator loves and forgives us and desires to inspire us to act the same toward others. A life of self-centeredness is personally and relationally destructive and not going to make for a better world. Spirituality is simply striving to love others like we want to be loved.

Jesus was never a part of any religion. Jesus never referred to followers as Christians. Jesus never ever suggested we go to “a” church. Unfortunately, people who supposedly believe in the same message of loving your neighbor as yourself divide into their separate buildings (i.e. Catholics, Protestants, Baptists, Methodists, etc.). They establish certain rules or customs you must follow to join which drowns out the message. Jesus simply taught God seeks to empower us toward a life of doing good and shunning evil.

One is not spiritual because they go to church or because they have certain beliefs about God. The religious tend to communicate their beliefs as truth, but views of God are fallible so each individual must work out their beliefs about God with God. We must though be able to talk about our spiritual health as much as our physical or emotional health. People don’t need to be converted or attend a church; we need relationships where we can discuss becoming the type of person we deep desire want to be.

Many may struggle for rational reasons to believe there is a Creator. For those who believe there is a Creator, I am convinced God desires to support us in our pursuit of loving others like we want to be loved. In a troubled world being law-abiding citizens is great but not enough. God never loses hope in us despite our failures and hopes we will do the same for others. God always loves and forgives us despite our imperfections in hopes we will treat others the same. God seeks to empowers us to be encourages than discourages for change.


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