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I am going to tell you something that is obvious to most already. Some people in the world don’t have much to do with God. They don’t spend a lot of time thinking about God. Well, I do and they still treat others better than me. Lots of non-God folks don’t have as many anxieties or bad habits as church-goers. What the Hell do God-folks have to offer them?

Unfortunately, many of us are taught we have an obligation to push God on others or they are doomed. The traditional understanding of Hell as a fiery pit awaiting non-God folks simply isn’t biblical. See here. Such an understanding can be very freeing to people who feel there is no way to rationalize a loving God who tortures people forever for beliefs formed over a few short years here on earth. Jesus while on earth didn’t force Himself on others though He believed in the message He shared and was willing to die by not denying such beliefs.

I don’t think Jesus was being dismissive when he said He came for those who wanted help (Mk. 2:17). The parable of the wandering sheep doesn’t suggest Jesus cares only about one who needs His help and not the other ninety-nine (Mt. 18:10-14). Jesus was never recorded as saying He came to condemn all regardless of their beliefs. He condemned the Pharisees for misrepresenting God’s message; otherwise Jesus simply wanted to help those who wanted help. Jesus desired to forgive those who sought it, to encourage those who felt hopeless, to empower those who looked to be a better person than they were.

Most of us don’t justify breaking laws, and we don’t rationalize taking advantage of others. I am though a better husband, father, friend, and person because of God’s influence. I want to always act in ways that encourage change not discourage regardless of the circumstances. Just as a parent’s love can inspire being true to your values despite how other treat you, God can empower us to go the extra mile when needed. It is not always natural to forgive despite one’s confessing their wrongdoing, but changes in the world often only happen when we are willing to forgive. A relationship with God, like many great friendships, can motivate, inspire, and encourage us to never give up trying to make a difference in the world.

So you don’t need help being more the kind of person you deep down desire to be. Great! You can hang around my children. Seriously though, if you want help with current regrets or having less regrets later in life, you seek hope of life after death, you need help with dealing with a challenging world, you want to not grow wary of not responding always alike how people treat you, then I invite you to get to know my God. God doesn’t force or ask people to force God on others. If you feel a nudge from God, seek out others who seem to have a healthy relationship with God. Hopefully, you won’t feel judged and are invited to have an open conversation to discuss any spiritual matters you wish.

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