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One may wonder how there can be complete happiness in heaven if full of people with regrets. We know heaven is going to be full of regretters as only one person has walked on this earth and lived a life without regrets. If you believe the story of the thief on the Cross next to Jesus, Jesus told the thief he would be in paradise soon with Jesus. One assumes the thief was on the cross for some not so good reasons. Even if you have lived most of your life with a belief and relationship with God as I have, you still are going to have many regrets.

Many believers begin to question whether a fellow believer who falls into sin will still go to heaven. Believers rely on forgiveness, so the implication is if one isn’t “confessed up” right at the moment of death you are out of luck. One’s destiny determined by a loving God is not going to depend on if some die immediately in an accident without warning to supposedly get right with God. Besides, is a thief going to enter Paradise but not others with lesser sins simply because they weren’t next to Jesus hanging on Cross right before their last breathe? Some opinions about God are based on false portrayals here on earth. All will eventually have a chance to know what God is really like to make decisions based on the truth.

So clearly, heaven is going to have a lot of regrets flying around. When one seems misguided in this world, it isn’t likely God is busying denying one’s citizenship in heaven. How can a godly mother favor one child over the other children and write them out of her life though they have done nothing wrong morally. Maybe the favored child is right and the other children are wrong, and the mom is just showing tough love which God had to do at times. Sometimes, two siblings are wrong and the favored sibling is right. It is less likely three siblings are wrong and one sibling is right. What are the chances of four siblings being wrong and the favored sibling being right? God has spoken against favoritism from the beginning, so one will assume such parents will be full of regrets when meeting their Creator along with the rest of us sinners.

One can be hopeful when we see that our Creator’s point of view about our circumstances is not God’s, they will melt into their Creator’s arms and be full of anguish. How can that lead to happiness. I believe God’s presence and justice in the afterlife may have an educative component and cleansing effect. Victims will be vindicated as the guilty will face their sins. A cleansing process may take longer for some to have its full impact. No suffering here on earth will be in vain. Confession, not revenge, is really only what will lead to healing. We all will have a chance to do so with God in person, but Jesus came so we could avoid being full of regrets.

Heaven can start now despite the world we live in. The Cross was less about God’s concern with guilt and restoring honor and more about God desiring a personal relationship. Jesus longed for us to avoid destructive paths leading to regrets. Jesus came to earth to simply encourage and inspire all to treat others like you want to be treated. This summarized what Jesus was all about (Mt. 7:12). Jesus wanted us to know we are loved by our Creator and desires to help us be the kind of persons we all want to be deep down. When Jesus was asked how one obtains eternal life, Jesus said simply to love God and love others as yourself (Lk.10:25-27). Loving God is loving others to the fullest. Knowing who God really is, like loving parents, can empower one to shun evil and do good as Jesus taught.

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