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If God desires a loving friendship with all, God surely understands authentic relationships are gained through mutual respect. I have pursed a lifelong friendship with my children from the day they were born. God knows far better than I that such a relationship is not obtained out of fear but a child understanding how much I love them. God doesn’t use superiority to not defend any actions that confuse us. God doesn’t seek justifications that are not understandable to the human heart or logical to the human mind. God and parents desire to walk the talk in relationships.

It may be argued we have no right to question God’s morality when biblical interpretations seemingly suggest God’s standards are not the same as humans. Some theologians suggest the Bible teaches God elects only certain individuals for eternal life, thus logically sending the unelected to eternal damnation. It is said that God is not unjust because all are depraved and none would choose God without God’s help. We would accuse earthly parents of immorality if they showed similar favoritism toward their children. A loving God wouldn’t arbitrarily choose who to love and that our choices don’t truly matter. We have every right to question such theology.

It may be argued that we have no right to question God’s purposes when trying to understand how God’s goodness and evil can co-exist. One could ask why God even bothered to communicate through the Bible if God’s ways are so mysterious. It is difficult to fully explain why God doesn’t interfere more with natural evil not directly caused by human freedom, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t intelligent explanations as to why a loving God allows such freedom. If God did not create and allow freedom, God could be accused of not creating the very best world where only authentic relationships can develop. The Book of Job does not actually advise to shut our pie hole because we can’t possibly comprehend God. God simply rejected Job’s assumption that justice is only present if the wicked are judged or the righteous rewarded immediately.

It may be argued that we have no right to question God’s rationality from a human perspective. Some attempt to explain God’s favor with Israel over other nations in illogical ways. God tell us favoritism is a sin (James 2:1), but it is suggested God cannot be held to the same ethic. Can you imagine a parent having any influence by saying “do as I say, not as I do.” Parents can choose a child over another child for a certain role if only one can be chosen. It is not favoritism if both win as Israel was chosen as a vessel to bless all nations with God’s message. Humans have a concept of perfect love because we are made in our Creator’s image. God’s love and perfect human love are one in the same. God’s ways must be worthy of human, rational belief.

Some attempt to explain God in nonsensical ways when explaining a certain aspect of God. Since interpretations of Scriptures are fallible, I believe the most likely characterization portrays God in relational ways according to the human spirit. We can expect understandings of God to be plausible based on what a loving God should be like, or we might continue to question God. For example we have every right to reject traditional explanations of Hell, if there is a defensible alternative, as even humans know sadistic punishment serves absolutely no purpose. My children and friends have every right to challenge when my thoughts or ways appear immoral or irrational. God desire such questions for only then can a relationship begin or have any depth.


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