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Answers to hypothetical questions may lead one to take a step toward or away from God. Writing about philosophical issues can matter when there is relational relevancy. If there is no freedom in heaven, why didn’t God create heaven on earth in the first place since freedom has caused so much suffering? If there is freedom in heaven how can there be no sin? The biblical story suggests God created heaven on earth in the beginning, but we then created Hell.

The Bible doesn’t go into detail what heaven will be like. The most hopeful assumption is that there is no sin rather than sin in heaven despite the presence of freedom. But, how is it possible that there is no sin in heaven if there is freedom. The presence of freedom was a part of God’s creation from the beginning. Freedom was necessary for authentic relationships, to obtain the highest good in relationships. Without freedom God could be accuse of not creating the “best” world. We cannot prove there are no good moral reasons for allowing freedom resulting in so much evil. There may be some plausible explanations as to why there will not be sin in heaven.

Moral development and true love can only develop with choices made. Not even God can force true love. Our character developed here on earth limits our ability to sin here and in heaven. Eventually, you may not see any good reason for not doing good. Obviously, some develop morally more than others on earth. God’s justice in the afterlife may have an educative component and cleansing effect. Victims will be vindicated as the guilty will face their sins.

Some want nothing to do with a Heavenly Parent because of their earthly parents. Who God really is like will finally be obvious in Heaven. Many form opinions about God based on false interpretations. It may be too much for some to stomach a God who supposedly burns people forever if they don’t believe in God. Hell is a myth! God is not going to decide one’s future destiny because of certain choices one didn’t have while living here on earth.

One could suggest there cannot be complete joy in heaven if just one love one doesn’t end up in heaven. A cleansing process may take longer for some to have its full impact. Time may allow those who died prematurely here on earth to grow. One may remain in a state of separation from God in heaven until they are freely able to make moral choices for their good. Learning to not make bad choices is a process as I grow, in my successes and failures, which I would not have otherwise without the freedom to make unselfish choices. One may not continue to make irrational choices to remain separate from a loving God once false impressions are removed?

I am a hopeful Universalist and that eventually there will be reconciliation. No suffering here on earth is in vain. But, God wants us to know that Heaven can start now despite the world we live in. A relationship with God can be our necessary nourishment in our battle against self-centeredness and the challenges of a not so friendly world. Our Creator wants our meeting to be the least painful and regretful possible. This worldly journey can perfect our freedom to not choose evil in heaven.

P.S. Honestly, it is hard for me to imagine there isn’t the possibility of sin in heaven because of my understanding and value I place on freedom. God’s presence surely will have a greater impact than earthly, human authority to dissuade selfishness. We thrive more under parental love and leadership that is full of integrity and understanding. In Heaven God can nip in the bud certain temptations such as poverty or negative peer influences. If we believe it is more logical to think of sin being possible in heaven, the challenges are: heaven does not seem to be a place of ultimate happiness; if people are evicted from heaven for a time there appears to be a higher redemption obtained than initially when entering heaven after death on earth.

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