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Belief matters as they can lead to bigotries against one’s color or sex. Beliefs about God can hinder pursing a relationship with our Creator. I hope you may ponder what I think God is really like in case you have heard otherwise, so you might consider how a friendship with God can be beneficial in a challenging world.

God is not an angry egomaniac but a lover who wants what we deep down want for ourselves

God allows freedom of beliefs unlike religious extremists

God is not a sadistic torturer, as Hell is a myth, but welcomes all to Heaven after life on earth

God is not a sexist but suggests roles in home and society depend on gifts than gender

God did not create evil and suffering but understands authentic love necessitates freedom

God did not allow Jesus to be killed to be appeased but to convey God’s unimaginable love

God suggests prayer for support than manipulating for gain as God knows how to run a free world

God is not mysterious but comprehensible since we are made in our Creator’s image

God didn’t give the Bible to worship but tell a story; interpretations must be true of a loving God

God didn’t say go to church but be the church by encouraging others in a challenging world

Might you consider reading further what I have written if any of the above beliefs about God are true and would impact your relationship with God? What beliefs about God are you aware of that keep you from wanting to know God at all or on a more intimate level? Are they true?

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