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It is important how we represent God to others. I don’t enjoy insulting my Christian readers. Their heart is in the right place. They have a special relationship with God and they want to share that excitement with others. How is that any different than sharing with others your excitement about a new dating relationship or expecting a child born into the family? I also don’t wish to offend those who currently aren’t into God. I don’t want you to think that my agenda is to get your butt saved from Hell. My only agenda is to love others the way I wish to be loved, and I admit I suck at my life goal often. 

I recently read some Bible study notes that are used to teach thousands over the world about God. It said without any explanation that “the Bible’s strong answer is nothing happens outside God’s will to accomplish His grand purpose.” Oh, really! You mean God intended all the evil in the world. I don’t think so. Evil serves no good purpose but God will help us overcome evil eventually. Freedom as opposed to control is necessary for genuine relationships. It is true God allowed for the possibility of evil by creating freedom, and God does not destroy instantly whoever acts evil. God does work though to change the hearts of the evildoer through others. And God says one day after death in this evil word we can live with Him forever. Who doesn’t want to live with God in charge than any President, Leader, or Dictator that has ever lived?  

I read also in the Bible study notes that “God’s main purpose is to glorify Himself in His son, the Lord Jesus Christ.” Oh really! So God created Adam and Eve, knowing they would have offspring, for the purpose of bowing down to their Creator or they can go to Hell. I don’t think so. God is not an egomaniac. Yea, God ask for respect because His ways are in our best interest. I did the same with my kids and I am not even perfect like God. God only seeks respect because if all lived by the Ten Commandments or treated everyone like they want to be treated, the world would be so much better off. You weren’t created to worship God so shut up and give God the glory. God wanted to share His glory with others. Most parents have children to share life with. 

Jesus doesn’t think you are a wretch that needs to be snatched from the pits of Hell. Maybe you are wicked but the Apostle Paul eventually became a hero in God’s eyes though a murderer. God isn’t always thinking ill of us any more than our human parents because we fail to obey for our best interests. God simply grieves selfish choices because of the pain it will cause His children. God loves all and simply is hoping to persuade all that His love is in their best interest as any parent would. God loves you and doesn’t see you as evil unless putting His Jesus glasses on. God would love to earn your respect and help you become the person deep down you wish to become. God is not a hellish, sadistic, slave-approving sexist in case you think the Bible teaches that! 

We don’t need to quote a lot of bible verses to tell others about God if they wish to discuss your relationship with the Creator. Many quote the Bible out of context anyway. How would you like it if someone took one of your letters, pulled a sentence out of a paragraph, and used it according to their own understanding? Husbands do that all the time so they can rule, I mean lead, over their wives. We don’t need to tell people to repent. Let’s encourage folks to consider the possibility that there is a Creator behind the world we live in. God doesn’t have to be called He as if he has a penis and not a vagina. God is the Creator. God is a Parent. We don’t need to stop sinning. We need to stop acting unjustly toward others or taking actions that are not in our own best interest in the long run. Language matters.

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