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It may be difficult for some to understand or get close to a God who is portrayed as thinking we are totally worthless. Christians often say things like: we are totally wicked in God’s eyes; God only loves me because of the blood of Jesus. Old timers may bellow “how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me!” Such words don’t necessarily convey God’s heart and thoughts. Thinking we are despicable may lead to giving up. God desires perfection for our own sake but surely celebrates our victories along the way. Human love isn’t better than Godly love.

I understand why some feel wretched if they murdered someone. But, the Apostle Paul murdered but eventually became a hero in God’s eyes. Many on some days manage to love others like they want to be loved. Does God hate us because we aren’t perfect?  I am good if you believe God detest every aspect of your lying soul and that draws you close to God. Others may have a hard time understanding why human love seems better than Godly love. I have always loved my children to the core despite their faults. I simply hope they change harmful ways for their sake.

God isn’t always thinking ill of us any more than our human parents because we fail to obey for our best interests. God simply grieves selfish choices because of the pain it will cause His children. Sin only effects how we feel about our relationship with God. God simply desires a friendship so to help us to be the kind of person we deep down desire to be, but God never forces Himself on others for obligatory love is neither authentic or desirable. The truth is God is the perfection of the human parents we have always desired.

God could have overpowered others to change the world; instead, God loved others culminating at the Cross in hopes to influence. Jesus identified with us by walking in our shoes, even facing undeserved suffering, to better understand how difficult it is to live selflessly in a world where one is free to love or hate others for their own gains. Gloomy uncertainty as to God’s favor does not conquer battles against self-centeredness or long-standing habitual sins in our lives. God loves you wholeheartedly and longs to help you discover true happiness. 

It is suggested that babies are sinners before they are even born because of Adam’s sin. Is this really God’s view? God does not hold us responsible for another’s person sin. A fair reading of Romans 5:12-21 implies Adam’s sin was not transferred but certainly influential, as parents have the power to influence their children positively or negatively. Sin came in the world through Adam but Adam’s sin didn’t come into us. We are born in sin but not with sin. Babies are not guilty of sin before the age of accountability. But, the truth is that the influence of sin is so powerful that only one person has ever managed to live a totally unselfish life.

God doesn’t just love Christians and is waiting for non-Christians to believe. God loves all and hopes to persuade all that His love is in their best interest as any parent would. You weren’t created to worship God so shut up and give God the glory. God didn’t create you for a one-sided relationship. Most parents have children to share life with. God loves you and doesn’t just see you as evil without putting His Jesus glasses on. God would love to earn your respect and help you become the person you want to come. God only desires for you to be able to look back on your life without regrets.

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