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  • Every time we see the word “praying” in the Bible we might replace it with “talking” with God. We can talk to God for many reasons including pursuing a closer relationship, for self-examination, and sharing our concerns. I find it easier to follow a God who doesn’t control everything as opposed to a God who accepts no resistance, thus I accept praying as communicating for support whatever may happen than manipulating for gain. Timothy Keller in his book Prayer says it best: “God will either give us what we ask or give us what we would have asked if we knew everything he knew” (p. 228). Jesus’ prayer to avoid the Cross may be the best model in times of suffering. Jesus asked God to intervene but trusted God if there was a greater reason to not intervene
  • The most important reason for praying or talking to God is often overlooked. We tell our children to associate with the right people so to make wiser choices.  Talking and getting to know God can make us a better person by seeing things from God’s perspective. For example we may begin to want money to not starve as opposed to wanting to be rich or have things. Prayer often is a laundry list of requests for ourselves or others, but God may lead us to be more reflective thus getting more involved with others.
  • There are many different ways to pray or talk to God. We may talk to God brief times during the day to feel more connected; some may reserve more formal times in the morning and evening. Formal prayers may help get rid of distractions for some; informal prayers allow many conversations with God through the day. One may read books on praying for insights or just develop an initial plan and continually revise. Alcoholics are advised to fake it till you make it. You will be glad you did. Just know though that if we only pray with obligation we may never develop intimacy. If we don’t begin with discipline we may never achieve.
  • Praying, if a relationship, also must involve listening. The best way to listen to God is to read what He has already spoken to others. Praying is greatly enhanced by bible reading and studying if you are fortunate to have a Bible. But, can we really have any kind of relationship if we just sit down and read one’s letters?  We can study a passage to see what God said to someone else, and then we might reflect on what God is saying to us – what to be thankful for, what to confess, what actions to take.
  • Please don’t beat yourself up with this next statement. To discover the real you where do your thoughts go to when nothing is forcing you to think about anything else in particular. Do you think about God in good and bad times? If you don’t think about God a lot you may want to find ways to hang with God more. We can feel more intimate with our partner only when we find a way to spend more time spending time with them. Regular bible study and reflection can help you be more the kind of person you badly desire to be. You might study and then reflect on the Lord’s prayer on a regular basis. You might develop a plan to study and reflect though the Psalms which are often prayers. 

How Praying Or Talking To God Works For Mike

  • I prefer to follow a God who doesn’t control everything as opposed to a God who accepts no resistance, thus I trust God will give me what I would ask if I knew everything God knows.
  • I talk to God more for support whatever may happen than manipulating for gain. We can become discouraged with prayer when our desires become needs. I trust God with the final say so. God always desires what is best for us but we must invite God’s influence.
  • I keep in mind it is normal to feel distance during difficult times when I don’t feel close to God.
  • God already knows what we think or need. I don’t have to know the words to say. Talking simply connects us to our Creator so we may become more the people we desire to be.
  • Prayer for me is any time or place thinking about or talking to God. I enjoy reading spiritual books, as I find myself contemplating to myself as if having a conversation with God. Writing about God, which I am doing here, is my favorite way to be with and talk to God.
  • Since talking must be a two-way street, I read what God has already spoken. I first attempt to understand a passage in the Bible as to what it means to the original reader. Then, I reflect and ask questions and listen to God as to what are applications for me in my life today.
  • I talk to God in the mornings before my day begins by reading and writing. My others times during the day are very informal. I seldom close my eyes when praying, even when in a group setting. It just seems more natural.
  • I never pray for suffering but I can be grateful for what suffering may teach me. Jesus’ prayer to avoid the Cross may help: God if there is a better reason to not intervene please stay close to me. I become a better person sometimes because my prayers are not answered. Intellectually, I am convinced that true peace and happiness can only be found in God than things. To have nothing but have God is everything. Having a close relationship with my Creator can get me through any disappointment in this world.

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