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We may hear a healthy relationship with our Creator begins with a sense of awe. A human analogy suggested is feeling awestruck when meeting initially someone who we have respected all our life. But, we aren’t necessarily thinking our hero desires a relationship as our Creator does. When I know someone loves me, I am more inclined to run into their arms. There is no need for fear when each loves one another. Does God expect us to be in awe now or when meeting? Do such thoughts help build a relationship with our God that S/he so desires?

I think of God as my Heavenly as opposed to earthly Parent. I have always desired to have a close relationship with my parents as I aged. I may deeply respect my parents for their character but this should not cause hesitancy in the relationship. I may be ashamed of all the times I have hurt them and others, but overwhelmness is not conducive for a relationship. Besides, an unconditional lover such as God is dying to forgive those who seek it. My concern is telling others they must be in awe of God may not be at all what God feels is best for a relationship that S/he desires with all.

Many may look at what the Bible says when trying to discern what God expects. We don’t have to look at the Bible to know what our Creator thinks about murder but this topic may be one of those times. In the beginning in the Garden it seems God enjoyed regular visits with Eve and Adam. If these visits were not physical appearances I am not sure what they were hiding from (Gen. 3:8). God didn’t refuse to talk after being rejected. God didn’t begin to desire a standoffish reputation because Abraham, the initial father of God’s people, was referred to as God’s friend.

One might suggest though by the time of Moses and the Ten Commandments, God was beginning to build an aura around Himself by refusing to show Himself (See Exodus 19 and 20). Rebellious times may call for different actions. Evil people, who need to be told to stop killing, lying, and cheating on one another, should have a healthy fear of God and the unknown. In less rebellious times all the leaders of Israel were allowed to see God (Ex. 24:9-11). God did not shy away from calling us friends such as with Moses (Ex. 33:11). God, like human parents, desire to have a close, influential relationship with their children because they have their best interest in mind.

I am often asked to pray before groups of friends though I am not a minister. I hope people sense I have a friendship with God. My prayers don’t begin: “Dear God, the Holy One, the Feared Creator of the Universe…” Such talk doesn’t invite other to get to know their Creator. My prayers are as if I am talking to a close Friend. One might need to be in awe of God if plotting evil, but what Parent who wants a relationship desires you to fear them or hesitant to come in their presence. Now, when you get to know God as I do you may begin to have feelings of awe after appreciating just how amazing God is.


I use human parent analogies when discussing God as our Parent, as we are made in God’s likeness. Obviously, humans aren’t perfect as I believe our Creator is. Analogies break down because I can always find something wrong with humans, even my heroes. I believe God is deserving of awe but that is because of my relationship with God. Others may only be getting to know God or be open to the possibility of a Creator. Awe may not be natural because of certain beliefs about God suggested by others. My prayers may begin with awe. But, we should not expect others to be in awe of God if they are not yet convinced or deeply in love with God. The Psalms suggested we can keep it real with God.

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