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Most will care about the types of relationships than jobs we had at the end of our lives here on earth. Jesus’ basic message was to love God and love others as we wish to be loved (Luke 10:27). This does not make God an egomaniac. Loving parents seek the admiration and respect of their children so they might consider their guidance. God could have overpowered others to change the world; instead, God loved others culminating at the Cross. We will have the greatest impact and fewest regrets in life when we love others as radically as Jesus lived out.

Beliefs matters. I began studying the Bible and writing what I thought God was really like many years ago, as I had problems with the God I was taught about growing up. I want other to reconsider their views, if preventing them from representing and knowing God as I know God. But, Jesus did not come as a theologian. Jesus came to love others so they might consider His ways for their best interest.

I consider God to be the ideal Lover. God does not control but attempts to persuade. Forced love is neither authentic nor desirable. Understanding God’s unconditional love for us inspires acts of selfless love toward others. God seeks to influence us through a relationship for our own good, as any loving parent does with their own children. The fear of punishment can deter but doesn’t lead to life transformations. Gloomy uncertainty as to God’s favor does not conquer battles against self-centeredness or long-standing habitual sins in our lives. Intimacy with God inspires one to follow in the path of wisdom for one’s one good.

I am certain I treat others better than I would without God’s help. But, I fail to show consistent love almost on a daily basis. I love my wife dearly, but my love toward her is hardly as radical as I care to admit. We mustn’t give up but our influence is only as great as our love is toward others. Efforts vary but God’s unconditional love doesn’t. We can start off each day feeling accepted rather than rejected. Jesus encouraged others to just follow Him. Jesus knew their thirst would be satisfied if they did so.

We must not get discouraged because we fail to live up to our or God’s standards always but keep striving to make this world a better place. Some have opportunities to influence hundreds of people if they are the pastor or CEO of a large church or company. We simply need to use the gifts we have with the current opportunities available to make a difference. God changes the world one follower, one heart, one action at a time. Live in the moment relationally expecting interruptions to help others:

  • Encourage others as often as you can
  • Support civility and defend the defenseless
  • Donate to charities that make a difference
  • Backup up your car from the crosswalk to allow walkers to cross
  • Help an elderly person with their groceries
  • Let the person behind you go first in a long line
  • Hold the door always for others
  • Let cars in front of you to curb road rage
  • Write a letter to a veteran or someone that you are grateful to for their service
  • Tip well if you can afford it or speak to one’s manager to tell them how great the service was
  • Pick up trash wherever you are
  • Give your parking space to someone else
  • Check “yes” to become an organ donor
  • Change the subject gently when gossiping begin
  • Read to kids at school that need help with reading

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