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Belief matters. Our understanding of what God is really like can either alienate us or draws us closer to God. Our theology can make it difficult for others to turn to God. Would it matter if you discovered the traditional understanding of Hell is not biblical and God is not a sadistic torturer? What different beliefs would make a difference in your relationship with God and in your conversations with others if you discovered there was a biblical alternative?  

What if you discovered that the Bible doesn’t teach husbands have any authority over their wives? Is there really a difference between strains of other religions that proscribe gender roles and if Christianity does the same thing, albeit with a different set of prohibitions?

What if you discovered God doesn’t prefer men over women as leaders, thus eliminating the possibility of half the human race not being able to exercise their God-given gifts?

What if you discovered Hell is a human invention and God is not a sadistic torturer, trying to scare people into submission and obedience? Would you feel more inclined to share your faith if you felt free to not sell fire insurance?

What if you discovered The Bible doesn’t suggest the Cross was to satisfy some need in God at the expense of His Son but to satisfy a need in us at His expense.  Do we really think God needed to be appeased by human sacrifice like the other OT gods?

What if you discovered there isn’t a quota on God’s grace where God elects some to Heaven and others to Hell? What if you discovered that Heaven was more populated than many people imagined, as there may be second changes after death as there are here on earth?

What if you discovered the World is not coming to an end, thus causing passivity while we just wait on God to “fix” things by coming again? What if you learned that Jesus’ coming is not a physical rapture and that Jesus has already come as predicted and is with us now?

What if you discovered God isn’t a mystery and there is a reasonable explanation for how God’s goodness and evil coexist? What if you discovered rational reasons why God allows undeserved suffering and is not constantly interfering miraculously?

What if you discovered God’s love is truly unconditional and that God is not keeping score? Does fear or God’s unconditional love truly transform lives?

What if you discovered that prayer is more about communicating for support than manipulating for gain, thus allowing God to run a very complicated world where freedom is allowed?

[See further elaborations on the above beliefs at my blog under Beliefs Reformation]

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