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We may accept that God does not cause suffering and that God allows suffering by creating freedom, but we may still struggle with why God doesn’t interfere more with suffering. I believe some answers are more satisfactory than other answers. There are rational and relational answers as to why evil and suffering exists even though God is in control. There are answers to suffering that don’t imply God causes suffering or that God is pulling strings in heaven to teach us a lesson. Satisfactory answers can enable us to focus on God being with us in the midst of suffering rather than why God isn’t interfering. It is clear to most that God does not interfere with a great deal of suffering through miracles.

Jesus’ miracles only turned heads not hearts. The truth of the matter is sufferings, not pleasures, is what changes the most lives.  We depend more on God in time in times of adversity than prosperity. God doesn’t ask for dependence for selfish reasons. Those who depend on God the most are less selfish. Can you imagine a world where all treated family and friends like they want to be treated? Jesus came as a suffering servant than ruling king for He understood that was best how to influence in the long run. God not interfering with suffering all the time may be necessary to change a person’s heart after sin entered the world. Suffering may be the only megaphone that can reach people about what really matters in life.

When evil was chosen suffering became part of God’s story to lead us of our own volition to a paradise appropriate for free beings.  It isn’t always wise to prevent our children from suffering consequences, whether self-inflicted or the result of a fallen world. Suffering enables us to not fall in love with temporal existence and love what the world offers. We are more likely to look to God, who desires our everlasting happiness, during adversity than prosperity. God doesn’t interfere to allow suffering as a megaphone to distract us from our own selfishness.

Did Martin Luther King have to suffer to move the scales from the eyes of many how they tolerated bigotry? Jesus’ personal sufferings rather than His miracles changed more hearts. Personal tragedies or undeserved suffering can make us more sensitive to others. Undeserved insults can make us more sensitive to others in similar situations. Sufferings enable us to be trusted by others, because we have “walked in their shoes.” God doesn’t interfere to allow suffering as a megaphone to enable us to better serve others.

Should parents never have children because they may inflict suffering on others or could potentially suffer at the hands of others? God can be accused of not always intervening miraculously, but He does not provoke evil actions or pick and choose who may suffer more than others. God interferes by trying to change the souls and ways of people. God will hold our hand during difficult times and work to bring good from evil in us and for the world, if we desire and are able to receive His help.  Our time here on earth cannot compare to our time in eternity after death. Justice delayed does not mean justice will not be served one day. God is the perfection of the human parents we have always desired. God intervenes in suffering but perhaps not in the way we think He should sometimes.

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