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The above question may seem sacrilegious. I admit I was attention seeking, but I have a point to my madness. Would you have been less offended if I have said humans are like God in many ways? Many God lovers have good intentions when they emphasize God’s glory and our obligation to worship Him. Let’s though not stress God’s divine side at the expense of His relational side. The Bible might not say much about parenting because we only need to follow in God’s parenting footsteps.

We are made in God’s image so God must have much in common with humans. Scriptures describe God having many human emotions including love, jealousy, and anger. Let’s not demonize God’s anger. God is angry or jealous as human parents when in the best interests of their children. God is not indifferent to ways that lead to our destruction. Parents should get angry when certain behaviors can lead to long term consequences. Parents should get jealous when distractions/idols keep our children from achieving what is best for them. But, God’s unconditional love was center stage in Scriptures. God is Love not Wrath. (I John 4:8) God hates the sin not the sinner, because sin leads to destruction in the end.

God created humans for mutual intimacy. If God wanted more worshippers to bow down to Him, He could have created more angels. The Bible’s request for God’s glory is not self-infatuation. Loving God is loving others and yourself to the fullest. Glorifying God is simply doing what is right according to God’s perfect standards, and not humans’ every changing, selfish standards. Imagine a world that glorified God in all they did? No wonder God ask for our love.

Do you believe God is a present, loving parent or a distance, condemning judge? God certainly doesn’t need us to be whole any more than men and women need one another to be human, but a relationship is desirable both by God and humans. Humans were made in God’s image. Ephesians 4:24 explains: “created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.” Though man is certainly not God, God and His Son did not shy away from calling humans friends, as if such a concept is sacrilegious. Abraham and Moses are called God’s friend, and Jesus called the disciples His friends. God is not a representation of our earthly parents but the perfection of the human parents we have always desired.

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