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God sometimes gets a bad rap about rules in the Old Testament, but God’s laws were purposeful and always for one’s good. A child will say the same about an unselfish parent’s rules as they mature. We must be sensitive what we claim to be absolutes from God’s perspective. Does the Bible really teach women cannot be pastors? Does the Bible really teach God tortures forever those who do not desire to live with Him forever after death? God forbid one seeker is driven to despair or unbelief because of disputable images of God. 

Our vocabulary suggests unbelief in absolutes is impossible. To use the word “tragedy” suggests there is some standard of good or bad. Parenting is impossible without believing some actions are right and other actions are wrong. Who wants to be around children that have no sense of morality? A family or society without shame is chaos.

It is an absolute that there is a Creator or there isn’t a Creator, so Christians and Atheists stand together. Personally, I prefer whoever is making the absolutes have a complete understanding of how things are. The Judge must be PERFECT and not just stating an opinion.  No absolutes aren’t much of an option logically or relationally. There is no basis for moral duty, no right for justice, my actions don’t count, I don’t count. Absolutes absolutely but whose?

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