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We tend to think of blessings in terms of material prosperity or personal comfort. The Bible never promises such things or a life without problems. The disciples’ devotion did not prevent a martyr’s death for believing Jesus was who He claimed to be. Family devotions do not do away with rebellion. A devotion to studies does not guarantee a good career. There are no guarantees of material blessings in a free world, only God’s guarantee of His love, acceptance, and future eternity with Him. Believing otherwise can cause a strain in our relationship with God when material or physical blessings don’t come our way.

Good works are not so that God can love us more or bless us materially. Walking in God’s ways is a blessing in of itself. God desires we become more like Christ for our own good. A person who tells the truth does not fear being caught. One who speaks honestly leads to genuine respect from others. A righteous person can be remembered for generations and for eternity because of their positive influence. The wicked will die with nothing.

God sees every single act of kindness. We may be forgotten after retirement in our company but God never forgets. The parable of the workers in the vineyard in Matthew 20 gives hopes to those that start late.  Thank God there is not an exact accounting. Prayer is to know better who God is so we may become more like Him, not so that God will love and bless us more. God’s lack of material blessings doesn’t mean He doesn’t care or love us. God already loves us unconditionally.

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