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I still have a long way to go but I think I am getting there. Honey, please just give me 28 more years – pretty please!

Why do I do the things I wish my spouse would stop doing? Let’s work on ourselves first.

Why does my brain first assume bad intent rather than mostly good will?  Some of us are married to the devil. Many of us just think we are. Are our spouses any different than us? Don’t we for the most part have good intentions but screw up from time to time. Do we want mercy or instant justice?  

Let’s treat one another like we want to be treated – with love and respect. Say sorry when we mess up. If we can’t break the crazy cycle get help.

We better drive a stake in the ground till death do us part, barring obvious to all intentional evil by our partner with no desire to act otherwise. It just is more stable for the children. We can’t change the past but our future is undetermined.

The Creator knows a thing or two about relationships, since He created them. Know and trust His ways. Your odds are better you will have less regrets.

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