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After watching the birth of my children and being out in nature, all in me yells there is a God. Natural selection theorists suggest our world happened by chance or evolved on its own.  Neither view can be proven scientifically, as none of us were there in the beginning to observe. Faith is required whether you believe in chance or a Creator regarding the origins of our world. Most would agree to live life as if there is a God causes one to live less self-centered. Most reading this would not argue they have wasted their live being good for goodness sake if there turns out not to be a God. I understand there are some who may argue a life has been wasted by being good and not fulfilling all their heinous pleasures if there is nothing after this life.

Let’s say we find out there isn’t a God after we die, but we lived our life as if there was a Creator and lived our life according to the Bible that claims to be direct revelation from the Creator. The Bible argues that life should resolve around loving God which can inspire and motivate us to love others. God always acts in the best interests of others. To love God is the ultimate unselfish act. God giving us the freedom to not love Him is the ultimate unselfish act though He put us here. To understand God, the Creator, is to understand how we were made and for what purpose. Our desires often suggest we pursue a gratifying moment that only brings short term pleasure. God said He made us to be self controlled. Pursuing instant gratification for most leads to unhappiness; a self controlled life can lead to long-term happiness and fulfillment.

I believe almost all, though it may be as we are approaching death, will evaluate our actions here on earth and either have many regrets or hopefully few regrets. Most will look back at their time here on earth and hope they have been less selfish than more selfish, cared more about relationships than possessions. Since almost all will at some time consider their purpose in life, it seems wise to force oneself to ponder as early in life as possible questions “how should I live” to have as few regrets as possible.


As I said though, I am convinced there is a Creator that we can believe in. Surely, the Creator is the most qualified to advise for what purpose we should live and how we ought to live. Surely, if we know how and why we came into existence, we can better answer how we should then live with fewer regrets. Shouldn’t we prepare for the end of our lives as much as we do for marriages or our careers? There is much to be gained and very little to lose when one has lived a purposeful life based on how and why we came into existence. Doesn’t it make the most sense to consult the Designer to understand how something should work?




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