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There is too much of a delight for my taste when I hear Christians advise hell is one of the most talked about subjects by Jesus. I hate hell. I hate thinking that anyone would have to go to hell just because of what they believe. I have concluded that hell in the Bible is not some lake of fire where the Creator enjoys torturing forever those that don’t believe in Him. Wouldn’t God have to keep humans alive somehow since bodies eventually burn to death? Please read other articles on this website that speak of why the creation of hell is necessary for freedom and justice reasons. I have also defended the Bible teaches there is annihilation after death, as opposed to unconditional immortality, for those who have no desire to be with the Creator after death. Fire is likely metaphorical language. God’s anger against evil is like an all-consuming fire (Heb 12:29). But, having said this, there is no denying that Jesus speaks of hell and an eternal existence without one’s Creator.

God has always only threatened punishment in hopes of turning others from their evil to His good. God doesn’t delight in punishment for the mere act of punishing.  Even in the Old Testament, where God has the reputation of being a warmonger, God always extended mercy and unbelievable patience in hope one would come to their senses. War was used when there was no other way to stop or prevent the influence of horrendous evil acts such as child sacrifices. Would any of us be alive today if God punished evil as much as we wish on those who hurt us? Thank God I don’t get what I deserve or wish on others at times. 

Humans would create Hell for one’s final destination if they so chose. Punishment in this life for crimes is moral. What about those crimes one is never discovered or punished for? God gives hope to victims of horrendous evil acts. Justice delayed does not mean justice not served. Too, the threat of punishment can be a good thing for certain folks. It can cause one to think before they act on their impulses. There are no guarantees it will deter people from hate or evil, but God will do anything in hopes we might choose a life of everlasting existence with Him than the alternative.

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