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Regardless of who you voted for in 2008 to lead our nation these next four years, we must be hopeful about one thing at least. As a young boy I grew up where adults seemed clueless just how morally deprived it was to not be utterly disgusted that people of different colors were actually made to drink from different water fountains or use separate public facilities. Obviously, not enough people in this supposed great nation of ours were disgusted enough to not allow such a symbol of bigotry and non-acceptance of the equality of all peoples. “Peoples” is really a misnomer. The truth is if you believe in a Creator and the biblical account of creation, there is no such thing as different peoples or races. There is only one human race if you believe God created the first man and woman, whom from ultimately all are born. This idea of different races, which allows bigots to suggest their race is superior, is born of a godless view of the world. Electing a black man to be our leader doesn’t right all wrongs, but it should give us hope that this nation is moving in the right direction of not judging one according to their color.

Having said that, it is difficult to understand how a man who graduated from Harvard Law School cannot have an opinion about abortion. Whether he likes it or not, there are moral absolutes or there would be no need for laws. He claims to be a man of faith, which requires he take a stand on matters that potentially concern life and death. There is evidence a beating heart can be detected before that supposed blob is even been conceived for a month. It can be defended that those little infants can experience pain very early on. Still, he is our President and we would do well to take heed from the man who conceded so elegantly.

One last thing about politics. How distasteful is the whole process? Candidates spend hundreds of millions of dollars to be elected. Surely, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize there is a better use of that money in a world where people are starving. Cannot we limit the amount of monies allowed to be spent in representing your case to be elected? Secondly, will there ever be a politician who will run on their own record and not spend the majority of their words on what is wrong with the other candidates. To treat each others the way many candidates do when running for office, and then at the end act like everything is alright, is not a world I understand. In my world when someone treats me as candidates do one another, reconciliation of words is necessary before healing can take place. Are there not more tasteful ways to agree to disagree than the current process? I long for the candidate who runs more of a positive campaign. The problem though is that may not be what wins elections. Who is to share the blame? The people who vote of course.  Candidates run negative campaigns because that is what gets votes!

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