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My Books

Please click on the links below to the Books I have written that defend what I believe God is really like! Once you come to know the God I know, I believe you will not be disappointed and understand God’s ways are always in our best interest. God’s love, not the fear of God, is what inspires acts of selfless love toward others which is a life worth living. Does an older child more likely live according to the loving ways of their parents because they admire and respect or fear their parents?

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Book Link:

A Book About God – God May Be The God You Hoped For!

A Book About God – Contents Page

Book Link:

Lies About God! Don’t Believe Everything You Hear

Book Link:

Reflections About What God May Really Be Like – Posts Written Over The Years

Book Link:

God, Evil, And Suffering – Does God Really Care?

Book Link:

Actions For A Good Marriage – To My Kids And Partners

Book Link (Original Book): 

WHAT GOD IS REALLY LIKE! Images of God That Cause Unbelief Or Despair


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  1. […] have written A Book About God – God May Be The God You Hoped For!  after over 45 years in my journey with God. I write briefly on different views in hopes you will […]


  2. […] Lies About God – Don’t Believe Everything You Hear! […]


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